Sydney is definitely worth a visit even if I met some locals who were not that excited about their city.
First I have to recommend the hotel I stayed at: the ValueSuites Green Square
The hotel is quite modern and comfy, there is free breakfast, coffee, tea etc. 🥐🍪☕
The only weird thing is that it has a kitchen but you are not able to cook anything as it has no hotplate…🤔However, it’s located a little bit outside the city but there is a metro station right behind the corner which takes you to the city within 3 minutes (Central station).
I was there with a friend of mine and we started our visit with a long walk through the city, passing the Hyde Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens (there are some beautiful flowers during summer 🌺🌹). At the Opera house (it is amazing!) we met a nice couple living in Sydney, during lunch they gave us some tips and told us about the story of Sydney.

There is a beautiful Art Gallery in the Rocks, named Bilich. If you’re interested in arts check it out and enjoy a drink in one of the many good coffees in this area.

Bondi and Manly Beach
As it was quite hot during our stay we checked out the famous beaches in and around Sydney. We did the Coogee to Bondi walk (or Bondi to Coogee whatever you prefer) and went for a swim at Bondi. The walk is beautiful, swimming at Bondi is a welcome cool-down but for me it was to crowded (maybe it’s different outside of the peak season).
In Manly the picture is almost the same, the beach was crowded and the water was full of seaweed, probably just on that day. However Manly is quite a nice place to be.
It has a cool city center and you can also find some entertainment along the harbour and plenty of food – good vibes guaranteed!
Manly is easy to reach, just take one of the fast ferries departing from Darling harbour, the trip is about 20 minutes. Once you arrive at Manly harbour it is only a 5 minute walk to the beach 🌴👙

Blue Mountains
Sydney has beautiful surroundings, my favourite one were the Blue Mountains. They are absolutely stunning ⛰.
If you have the possibility to rent a car and go by your own I would recommend to do so as the day tours are organised in quite large groups and they are always under time pressure.
You also have the possibility to buy tickets for some cable cars and the scenic railway. It’s quite a cool trip but you have to expect some long waiting times if there is a large group before you.


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