Winter – my skin & hair care

I’m back in Switzerland and it’s freaking cold and snowy here ❄☃
I love being out in the snow, walking and enjoying the views but my skin is not the biggest fan of this weather. I’ve got a dry and super sensitive skin during winter but I found products who are helping me to make my skin shiny again 💁‍♀️



1. Der-med from Permamed
A facial lotion for sensitive and diseased skin. I use it once or twice a day, it’s degreasing and cleaning the skin.
Available: in most pharmacies and online

2. Effaclar from La Roche-Posay
Another facial lotion, this one is good if your skin is oily and sensitive. It’s cleaning and refreshing. I use it two or three times a week in the evening. It also removes make-up residues. I used other products from the same brand and was always very content with the results.
Available: in most pharmacies and online

3. Hydreane from La Roche-Posay
As mentioned – I love their products 😌. This is a hydrating skincare for dry skin. There is also a “very rich” version available for very dry skin.
It feels very soft and is absolutely not greasy.
I’m using this on a daily basis in the morning, you can also use it before putting make-up on, it’s an ideal basis for make-up application.
Available: in most pharmacies and online

4. Repair zinc cream from Sanactiv
This is not a special facial cream and it doesn’t have to be from Sanactiv. What’s important is that it contains zinc. Zinc repairs your skin especially if it is chapped.
I use it once or twice a day whenever my skin feels cracked and dry or if I have blemishes.
You can also use it at any other part of the body, it really helps 🛠
Available: retail business


After living several months at the beach in a country with very strong sunlight my skin is not the only thing that needs some care. Also my hair looks a bit messy.
See below what I’m using to make it shine again 💁‍♀️



Resistance from Kérastase
The shampoo is designed for very-damaged, over-processed hair – exactly the way my hair is looking like. It smells very good and after using the hair feels smooth and healthy. It can be combined with other products from the same product line.
Available: in different hair salons

BLONDME® Keratin Restore Bonding Mask from Schwarzkopf
This mask is great for split ends! I only use it twice a week and only on the hair tips. Leave for five minutes and rinse thoroughly. It makes your hair super smooth and silky 😍
It’s recommended for all blondes and colored hair.
Available: in different hair salons

BC Repair rescue from Schwarzkopf
It might look different now as they are often changing the design of the package but the name is still the same. It looks oily on the top of my hair so I’m only using it on the tips but if you don’t have the same problem you can also us it as heat protection before styling your hair 💇‍♀️.
Available: in different hair salons


What products are you using to keep your skin and hair healthy? Your tips are highly recommended 🙏 I’m happy to try something different 🙃.

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