I really love shopping any kind of skincare products and I’m always testing new ones. 💁‍♀️

I already showed you my favourite products for face care – below you can find my favourites for this summer regarding skin care 🧖‍♀️.
Skincare is not only essential in terms of beauty but also with regard to your well-beeing. It will increase the better you take care about yourself.

Enriched with natural oils, almond milk and honey this is the perfect body butter for dry and sensitive skin.  I’m only using this after showering in the evening as it contains natural oils and takes a few minutes to be absorbed by the skin. You just have to use a very small amount of cream and it smells really awesome 😍.
The soothing effect on your skin will last for at least 24 hours.



This new product has become my favourite already after the first use 😍. I’m sure some of you know the problem; your taking a shower in the morning, apply your body lotion and then you realise that you should get dressed but your skin is still oily and sticky – I hate it and I stopped applying any body lotion in the morning because of this.
With the new body yogurts from Body Shop you get ride of this problem in seconds – literally.
The new formula absorbs instantly 👏. After a minute your skin feels super smooth, there is no sticky feeling and you can get dressed while smeeling like a bunch of roses or whatever taste you chose🌹.
I can highly recommend these products to anyone, it really delivers what it promises.


This body scrub gives your skin a super smooth feeling! It can be applied while taking a bath or a shower. Just massage onto wet skin, it sloughs away dead skin cells and enhances blood circulation 👍.
I use it up to three times a week as the effect easily lasts for 2 or 3 days.




Another good body scrub I’m using since a year or so is the African Ximenian Scrub – also highly recommended as it gives your skin an amazing smooth feeling 😍.




As you can see I’m highly in love with Body Shop products and this hasn’t changed for ages. Their products are a bit pricy especially in Switzerland but they are never tested on animals which is something I support and they are well tolerated by skin even if you have a sensitive one as I do.

Let me know what products you are using, I’m always happy to test new ones 🎀!

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