Why I changed my lifestyle and how

Yes my life probably looks quite perfect today but that was not always the case and I had to work quite hard to get what I have now.

Today more or less exactly two years ago I started to change my life significantly and looking back I’m more than happy I did. I was working only with myself or sometimes against myself but that was exactly what I needed to become the person I am today.

I got so many requests about why I’m always happy, where I take my motivation from and why I try to inspire others so I decided to tell you my story and probably this gives you an insight of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I’m a super ambitious person and I have high expectations of myself. I’ve always been a perfectionist and I still am but my perfectionism caused me a lot of problems. Since I was a young girl I had troubles with my body, the way it changed and looked. I was not eating properly for years without facing any significant issues. I had my ups and downs but all went well, that was at least what I was thinking.
So I continued year after year. I got older, started working and studying.
But for whatever reason I woke up today two years ago and I knew I had to change something. I was not happy with myself, I was always tired and ill because I was not eating healthy and not enough but at the same time I was working so much for my old company and studying part-time as well. I was not happy with my employer, not happy with my team and not happy with more or less everything around me. So I realized I had to change something – immediately.

I quite my job and enrolled at an university in Australia for half a year. I had the strong need to leave my home country, my family and my friends for a while. This may sounds hard but I wanted to be somewhere I’ve never been before, far away from everything I knew and only focus on my studies and on myself.
I had so much more time to think about my life and what I really want. I came across people who learned me things and told me stories I’ll always remember. I slowly started to change the way I saw myself. I could talk about my problems with strangers but that was something super helpful for me because they were not judging me at all. They were completely honest and they could help me to see the world in different colors.
I made a plan and started to do sports, once in a week, then twice until I was at the gym more or less every day. The more I worked out the better I felt. Then I started to change my nutrition. I got fitter and I felt much healthier than ever before.
This may sounds super easy but to really change my lifestyle it took me months, probably ages because I’m still improving and learning.

Today my life is not perfect but I can look into a mirror and smile at myself. I’m happy with my body, I’m happy with my job and I’m surrounded by people I want to have in my life, people who support me. I love doing sports three to four times a week, I love eating with friends and I feel free, free of any bad thoughts. Of course I’m having bad days as everyone has but I’m now able to learn from these days and take something with me for the future.

To achieve what I have today you need self-confidence and I’m convinced that everyone can learn to be self-confident. If you are not happy with yourself ask yourself why. Write it down if it helps. And than think about what you need to change. There is nothing you can’t change. You don’t need to change your whole life in a day, that’s impossible. I also started slowly, it took me weeks to find a workout routine, months to finally start eating balanced and healthy and years to change the way I think about myself. But once you start changing and you start seeing effects you’ll have the motivation to continue and you’ll never want to go back. You will feel energized because you are doing what you love and that automatically makes you happy. Your attitude will change probably without you realizing but others will see your changes and when your smiling more and happy with yourself they will enjoy your company much more.

Once you learn to believe in yourself you will be able to achieve whatever your goals may be. As long a you don’t believe in yourself you’ll never find happiness no matter how rich or beautiful or intelligent you get.
The only asset you need is yourself and you need a point from where to start. This will be your best journey because at the end you are happy and that’s the most important thing in life.

If you like, share your way and your thoughts as I do from time to time on Instagram for example. It’s amazing to see how people react when you write something about your daily life, your success and failure. I can take a lot of energy from those reactions and it makes me happy when I receive messages from strangers, telling me that they feel better after reading something I shared with them. Showing a little more reality in a “perfect” world can help yourself and others a lot. We are all human and we have ups and downs, that’s how we learn and get stronger.

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