Hi! My name is Eveline, I’m a part-time student based in Switzerland. Writing is a passion of mine so is travelling and coffee ❣
I love exploring the world, discovering new places and cultures, food and people.
I believe that travelling broadens our horizons and helps us to understand the world we live in a bit better.
Back in August 2017 I quit my job in Switzerland to spend an exchange semester in Australia at the Bond University.
Once there I realised how many places I could already visit and how many places I’m going to visit in the next months and I want to share this adventures with you. By sharing my adventures I hope to encourage others to do the same – sometimes leaving our comfort zone for a certain time can really help you if you’re not sure about what to do next in your life or if you just need a break from daily routine.

My blog will not only be about travelling. My home country Switzerland is offering a lot of great places and even though I have been living there since 25 years I’m constantly discovering new amazing places.
It’s a small country but it’s offering a lot and it’s definitely worth a visit (even if it can be very cold ☃).
I try to collect the very best of Switzerland, if you have any questions about visiting Switzerland, its sights or spending a holiday here – let me know 🙂🇨🇭.

Check out my Instagram feed and you will realise that I’m a foodie 😋 I love healthy and good food and coffee and I’m always looking for great spots around the world. If you know any good food or drink spots – please let me know! 🙌☕

There is a lot more I could tell you about myself and what I love but that would end up in a never ending story 🙈

If you would like to know more about me or get in touch with me please feel free to leave a message 📝